This Was One Bet I'm Glad I Lost /*~[Ichigo Kurosaki One-Shot]~*\

Name: Raielle Koronashi
Nickname: Rai
Age: 15

/*~[Your P.O.V]~*\
Me, Ichigo, Rukia, Orihime, Yasutora, and Uryu are sitting on a round table at Ichigo's houseplaying my favorite cardgame: Poker. It's my favorite because I'm good at it, and always take peoples money in this game. I've played it hundreds, if not thousands, of times, but this is the first time I've played it with Ichigo, who, in my opinion, is sexy as hell.
Right now, I'm taking the cards and dealing them out. I've just won about 1,000 dollars in cash, and I intend to win more. I almost feel bad about taking Ichigo's cash, almost,because he's the only one in the world who was capable of turning me on, and so many have tried. I've just taken all of Rukia's, Orihime's, Yasutora's, and Uryu's money. All that's left is Ichigo. "Okay, Ichigo. You're the last one left. You got about 100 bucks left, and I've got over 1,000. Raise, call, or fold?You wanna quit now, and save yourself the embarassment?" I asked teasingly, smirking. He smirked right back at me and said, "there's no way I'm out. But, before we do this, wanna make a little bet?" "You're on." I said, gladly accepting the challenge. "If you win, then I'll pay you quadruple your winnings. But, if I win, then you've got to do something for me." he said, smirking even wider. I raised my eyebrows in excitement. There was no wayI was gonna pass that up! And, judging by my hand, I knew I was gonna win, so he'd have to pay me over 4,000 bucks! "Deal!" I said, and threw down my hand. "Diamonds! Straight!" I said, smirking and crossing my arms. Orihime gaped at me and Uryu said, "Wow. You're one rich bitch." I smirked, by my smirked slowly vanished as Ichigo chuckled. "What's so funny?" I asked, raising one eyebrow. "It's just that, you think you won." said Ichigo, and then he threw down his hand. I gaped at it. "In your honor; a Royal Flush." said Ichigo. I frowned angrily as he took all my cash. There was no way I could've lost! No way! I groaned loudly as Yasutora cheered for Ichigo. "Finally! Someone beat Rai at her own game!" said Rukia. I frowned even deeper, and stood up and began to leave. "Hold on, Rai. Don't forget. You still have to do me a favor." said Ichigo's voice from behind. "Yeah! Have fun!" giggled Orihime in a singsong voice, as she and all the others left through the door. I glared at Ichigo as he kept smirking at me, with a glint of some emotion in his eyes. "Follow me." he said, and lead me to his room. I sighed irratably, and thought, Wow. The jerk wants me to clean up his room. He held open the door for me, and I walked right in. But, the room was squeaky clean. I could eat off the floor if I wanted to. I turned back to Ichigo in confusion while saying, "So, Ichigo, what do you want me to-" But I was cut off, because as soon as I was turned around, Ichigo siezed my arms and kissed me. My eyes widened in shock. He pulled away slowly, not letting me go. "W-what was t-t-that f-f-or?" I stuttered, a blush slowly creeping up on my face. "Oh, that? That was part of the favor that you've gotta do for me." said Ichigo, smirking. He kissed me again and his hands found his way to my butt. I slowly started to understand his little 'favor' that he wanted me to do, and I was more than happy to oblige.

Suddenly, he squeezed my butt, andI gasped in surprise. He took that opportunity to slip his toungeinto my mouth, and began to roam every square inch of it. I growled angrily, not wanting him to have full control, and my tounge started to battle his tounge. Since I caught him by surprise, my tounge won, and I ended up roaming his mouth, instead. He growled angrily and I smirked. He then backed me up and we wound up on his bed, him on top of me. He rubbed his toungeon mine making me moan softlyinto the kiss.He removed him mouth from mine only to go to my neck and kiss me there. I bit my lip to hold back a moan that threatened to burst from my lips. He then, wishing to make me moan, let his hands travel from my butt to my breasts, and started to massage them through the shirt. I couldn't hold it in anymore and let out a loud moan. He smirked victoriously, and tore my shirt off. I frowned in annoyance. "That was my favorite shirt." I said, irratably. "I'll buy you another one." said Ichigo, making quick work of my bra. He stared down at my breasts and I blushed as red as a tomato. He looked at the color of my face and chuckled. He then bent his face down to my left boob and flicked his tounge over it. I shivered, and he did it again, loving my reactions. Then, to my relif, he put the whole nipple in his mouth and started sucking it like he was trying to get milk. I pretty much gave up on holding anything back, and moaned loudly. I felt his bulge harden between my thighs.I moaned even louder when he started to massage my neglected boob with his hand. After a little while, he switched his mouth to my other boob, and his hand to the one he previously sucked, giving them both equal attention. When he was done, he lifted his mouth off my chest and I saw a few hickies there. Tired of him having control over me, I flipped him over, and tore his shirt right off, along with his pants and boxers, revealing a very hard and very large erection. Insteadof ogoling at it, like he would've loved,I started to kiss his neck instead, and trailed from his neck down his chest, stopping right above his very hard erection. He growled at me in annoyance. I smirked at the effect I had on him, and licked the very top of his erection. He shivered, and I did it a few more times, and he groaned loudly in annoyance. "Taste of your own medicine." I muttered, while smirking, and then I put the entire thing into my mouth. I sucked at lightning speed immediately, and I saw that Ichigo was biting his lip to keep from moaning aloud. I nibbled a little bit. He will moan for me. After I nibbled him a little, I decided to deep-throat him, and I did just that. Not even one minute had passed in full before he let out a loud moan. I smirked victoriously. Then, right before he came, I took his dick out my mouth and looked down at his furious expression, smirking. He turned me over quickly, and muttered, "Evil girl..." He slid my skirt off along with my underwear and rubbed my right thigh, making me moan. He rubbed my other thigh at the same time, his dick getting harder each time that I moan. Then, he parted my legs and smirked in satisfaction. "Wow, Rai, you're so wet..." he muttered, making my cheeks go a deep pink. He stroked my clit with his hand and I moaned in pleasure. He insterted two fingers inside my clit, and I moaned even louder, as he pumped them in and out of me. He eventually added another finger, and then another. I could feel that I was close, and right when I was about to let him know, he replaced his fingers with his tounge, and I cried out in pleasure as his tounge worked magic in my pussy. Then, the exact moment I was about to reach my climax, he stopped licking and smirked evilly at me. I became furious as he quoted me, "'Taste of your own medicine.'" "Evil boy..." I muttered, half quoting him. His eyes, completely filled with lust, analyzed my body one more time as I did the same. "Go on. Do it." I encouraged, pleadingly. He nodded at me, because he couldn't hold back, either, and he thrusted himself right into me. I screamed out in pleasure. He pumped into me with amazing force, causing me to curl my toes invoulentarily, wrap my legs around his waist, and tangle my hands in his orange hair. I wrapped my arms around his back and clawed his back, leaving scratches that would surely be there for the next few weeks. He didn't seem to notice. I started to move my body in sync with his, and we were both moaning and groaning with the intense pleasure. We were in perfect harmony. Each time, he slammed into me harder, went faster, and went deeper, and I felt like I never wanted to stop. I moaned his name in his ear continuosly, and his erection got harder each time. I felt him comming close to his climax, and I was, too. Suddenly, without warning, we both exploded, our juices falling onto the bedsheets, along with him falling on top of me,both of us sweating heavily and panting.
He rolled right off me, smirking and panting. I don't know how I still hand the energy, but I smirked, too. "You were such a sore loser earlier." muttered Ichigo. I rolled my eyes and said, "Well, this was the only bet I was glad I lost." He laughed, and I started to drift off to sleep, surprised at how tired I was. Right before I went to sleep, I muttered to him, "I'll lose to you again. Anytime."