Where I Belong ~^*^~{Shun Kazami One-Shot One-Shot}~^*^~

Name: Ginga
Age: 16
Personality: Reckless, yet calm and sweet, but, when she's angry, run like hell broke loose.
Guardian Bakugan: Haos Percival
Crush: Shun Kazami
Time: New Vestroia


~^*^~{Ginga's P.O.V}~^*^~

"Ginga!" I heard a familiar voice yell to me. I turned and spotted Lync walking up to me, a grin on his face.
"What, Lync?" I asked. For as long as I've been an unwilling Vexos member, Lync has always gotten on my nerves.
"Prince Hydron wants you," he informed me in his annoying tone. "He wants to talk to you about those pesky Bakugan Battle Brawlers Resistance." He smirked. "Best not keep him waiting."
"Whatever, Lync," I half-growled to him, and I walked away from him. When I rounded the corner, I hung my head and sighed melancholy once before I continued slowly, my face filled with shame and pain.
I never wanted to be a Vexos member. Once, a lifetime ago, I was a proud member of the Bakugan Battle Brawlers Resistance. I was close with everyone there - Dan, Mira, Marucho, Ace, Baron, and Shun. Me, and my bakugan, Haos Percival, were one of the most powerful members of the Resistance, equal to Shun Kazami, the second best brawler there.
I bit my lip - thinking of Shun was the more painful than thinking of any of the others I left behind.
But, I left for a reason.
You see, I'm a human. I came to New Vestroia completely by accident. I was just walking home one night after playing around with the original Bakugan Battle Brawlers - Dan, Shun, Runo, Alice, Julie, and Marucho. Then, a hole opened up in the floor, and I fell in. Then, when I awoke, I saw the Bakugan getting snagged away by these weird alien creeps! I snagged one before he could get sucked away. It was Haos Percival, and he told me everything that was happening. I agreed to help him fight for the Bakugan's freedom. Not long after, we met Keith and Mira. They welcomed me in, and treated me like a sister, while I fought for justice for the Bakugan in secret - I didn't want to put them in danger with what I was doing.
But then Keith went missing, and Mira and I were extremely worried. On that same day, Mira heard a bakugan, one of the legendary bakugan, Darcus Hyrdanoid, talking, and I told her everything about the bakugan that Haos Percival had told me. Mira and I then started the Bakugan Battle Brawlers Resistance, while also looking for Keith. Not long after, we found the rest of the Bakugan Battle Brawlers Resistance, including, to my surprise, Dan, Marucho, and Shun. It was us versus the Vexos - Spectra, Gus, Volt, Shadow Probe, Mylene, and Lync.
But, then, while infiltrating a Vexos base with Shun, I figured out that Spectra was not just the most powerful Pyrus Brawler in the Vexos, but he was Keith! I was battling him and a large explosion happened and blew us all away, also blowing off Spectra's mask. The explosion was so big that Shun, who was with me, couldn't find my body, and he believed that I was dead. My body had actually been blown away with Spectra's and he gave me a choice - I could either be the Vexos prisoner, or join the Vexos.
So, though I hated to do it, I allowed my friends to believe I was dead, and joined the Vexos, mainly because I wanted to find out why Keith had joined this accursed group of Bakugan kidnappers.
"Ginga," Haos Percival murmured from my shoulder, "if doing this troubles you so, why not just go back to your friends?"
I sighed again. Haos Percival knew me all too well - it was as if our thoughts were in sync at last 80% of the time.
"Because," I muttered, "I need to know why Keith had joined up with this repulsive group of kidnappers. He's like my brother, and, as his almost-sister, it's my job to steer him in the right direction. Besides, he and Mira took us in when we had nowhere to go - we owe them this in the very least."
"Yes, but, is the cost really worth it?" Haos Percival whispered.
I sighed once more. It seemed as if I sighed too much these days. "That's the thing, Percival. I don't really know."
This time he sighed.
We both said nothing after that. We reached Prince Hydron a minute later.
"Ahhh, Ginga, you're here," the revolting Prince sighed at me, twirling a piece of his curly blond hair with one finger.
"Prince Hydron," I murmured, unwillingly kneeling before him, feeling disgust in the back of my head as I did so.
"I suppose you're wondering why I called you here?" he asked me.
"Yes, my Prince," I said, while thinking that he should tell me what he wanted me to do so I could leave before I get so irritataed that I rip his head off.
"I need you to go with Spectra and Gus to fight the Bakugan Battle Brawlers Resistance," Prince Hydron informed me, and I froze. He continued, not noticing my reaction. "I have specific bakugan that I wish for you to get me. Spectra will fight the humanoid, Dan Kuso, for his Pyrus Dragonoid. Gus will face Mira Clay for her Subterra Wilda, and you, Ginga, will face the humanoid Shun Kazami, for his Ventus Ingram. By taking those three bakugan, you will not only be helping me complete my collection of the Six Legendary Bakugan, but you will be helping me weaken the Resistance considerably, helping me take further control of New Vestroia!"
I bearly heard him. My thoughts were all caught up in a snarl.
I have to face Shun?! I thought in complete and utter disbelif. It's bad enough that I have to accompany Spectra and Gus to try and capture some of my friends bakugan, and that Mira will feel so betrayed and hurt when she sees me working with the Vexos. But now I have to fight Shun, the guy I'm totally in love with! This really sucks rocks.
"When will we be leaving?" I asked quietly, not meeting Prince Hydron's eyes.
"In one hour," Prince Hydron informed me. "Make sure you are ready to leave by then."
I nodded coldly to him once, forgetting for that moment to keep up my perfect charade of a willing Vexos member, and then turned and walked away.
"What're you going to do, Ginga?" Haos Percival whispered anxiously as soon as we were out of earshot.
I sighed, yet again, my brain too incoherent to form a response. But, by the time we had gotten back to my room, I had my response.
"I will go with them," I told Haos Percival quietly. "They need to see that I am alive."
It was more than that reason that I wanted to go.
I wanted to see them. More than that, I wanted to see Shun. I just wanted to see Shun's face, one last time, before he became forever revolted my me, and deemed me to be a traitor.
My last wish before I sealed away my heart forever.

~^*^~{An Hour and A Half Later}~^*^~
~^*^~{Shun's P.O.V}~^*^~
I stared out the window out of the Bakugan Battle Brawlers Resistance mobile home as we chugged along the rocky roads of New Vestroia. Everyone was unusually quiet, though that wasn't a shock.
Normally, Dan, Baron, and Marucho would be talking about bakugan and possible strategies to use to defeat the Vexos, Mira would be talking with them with a little less enthusiasm, and Ace, like me, would be leaning against the wall with his eyes closed, not talking, just listening to them, all of their bakugan following their masters lead.
But we were all quiet, and the silence was anguishing.
Because, we were all in pain right now. Still in mourning. Still greiving over our lost friend... Ginga.
It seemed like jus yesterday that the awful explosion happened when Ginga was battling Spectra. She got blown away, and I tried to find her body, to save her, or even Haos Percival but I couldn't. I didn't want to believe it at the time, I kept denying the awful truth in my head, but it was inevitable. I had to go back on that dreaded day and tell everyone the awful news - Ginga was dead.
Everyone was agahst at the news, and none of them, like me, wanted to believe it. We searched for Ginga's body for days, but we couldn't find her. We then had to accept it - Ginga was really dead.
Everyone took it hard, even the bakugan. But I knew that none of them, not even Mira, who loved Ginga like a sister, were in as much pain as I was.
Because, though I never told her, though I never told anyone, I was in love with Ginga.
I've loved her since we fought against Naga to keep the Infinity Core away from him. But, I never told her, because I didn't want to freak her out when she might not even have felt the same way.
But, now I regret it. I can never tell her now. Now, I've got to spend the rest of my now permanently-painful life with the question hanging over my head: 'What would've happened if I just told her I loved her?'
Right now, the only reason I'm still living is to free the bakugan - partly because I want to free Skyress, and partly because it's what Ginga wanted to do.
Suddenly, a cry comming through Baron's lips made us all jump a foot in the air, since it was so quiet.
"Guys!" Baron yelled. "Vexos members are here! Looks like Spectra, Gus, and someone else... I'm pretty sure they wanna brawl!"
"Stop the van, Baron," I hissed menacingly. If it wasn't for those sickening Vexos scum, especially Spectra Phantom, Ginga would still be alive. I wanted to avenge her death. "I'll battle them."
"I'm in!" Mira said fiercely. I nodded once - normally, I'dve fought them all by myself, not caring what would;ve happened, but I let Mira join, since she loved Ginga, too.
"Me, too!" Dan shouted, and I agreed to that, too. Ginga was one of Dan's best friends.
As soon as Baron stopped the van, all the rest of us busted out the door and waited below for the red Vexos ship to land. As promised, I could see Spectra and Gus smirking down at us from the window. There was another figure behind them that looked distractingly feminine, and I thought she looked vaugely firmiliar, but I couldn't tell, because this mysetery Vexos was hidden several feet behind Spectra and Gus.
"Well, well, if it isn't the Bakugan Battle Brawlers Resistance," Spectra greeted us wryly as he and Gus emerged from the ship.
"Spectra," I growled, and I clenched Ingram in my fist tightly, my gauntlet on my arm securely.
"I can't believe you have the nerve to show your face here after what you did to Ginga!" yelled Marucho furiously.
"What I did to Ginga?" Spectra asked as if he was acting like he didn't know what Marucho was yelling about, still smirking, and that infuriated me beyond belif.
"Don't play dumb, Spectra!" I yelled, enraged. "You know exactly what you did to Ginga! When you battled her last, because of that huge explosion, Ginga died! You're gonna pay for that, Spectra!"
Spectra and Gus both chuckled and looked down, and I could feel the tangible aura of fury surrounding us.
"I think it's time we introduce our newest Vexos member to them," Spectra said, turning to look at Gus as Gus turned to look at him, both smirking. Spectra's tone sounded as if he was telling a brilliant joke, and he couldn't wait to deliever the punch line.
"I agree, Master Spectra," Gus said, and his tone mirrored Spectra's.
Then, Spectra turned his head towards his ship, and shouted, "Why don't you come out here, and introduce yourself, little girl!"
A moment passed, and then a figure slowly started decending from the ship. At first, all I could see was the figure of a person walking towards us - she was too far away to see any features. But then, as she got closer, I could see why she looked so firmiliar. The nose... the lips... the eyebrows... the hair color and hairstyle... the way she walked... the body shape... the eyes...
All of us gasped in shock when the girl reached us. For a few moments, we stared at her blank face with disbelif, because our brains were too shocked to form anything to say. But, finally, I managed to force one word through my teeth.
"Ginga?!" I gasped, totally disbelieving.
"Hello, Shun. Everyone," she greeted us, face still blank, voice emotionless.
"What the hell are you doing working for the Vexos?!" yelled Dan. "You were the first one fighting for Bakugan freedom! Why would you, of all people, join up with those scum?!"
Ginga sighed and looked down, closing her eyes. It confused me a little, because it seemed she did this to compose herself.
But why?
Then, when she looked up, and opened her eyes again, and they were blank again, but, in the very back of her eyes, there was pain.
"Because," Ginga started slowly in her apathetic voice, "I came to realize that what were doing was stupid. There're only a few of us, and there're millions of Vestals. We're fighting for a lost cause. I did the smart thing - I quit before I could get destroyed, and joined the side that made sense. The side that would win, in the long run."
We all stood, appalled as we listened to Ginga's words.
But, I saw something flash in her eyes as she gazed apathetically at our faces. She controlled it almost immediately, but that look in her eyes showed me that the little story she'd given was just that - a story.
"Now, then, lets get down to business," Spectra said, and he put his gauntlet on his wrist. "Dan Kuso, I challenge you to a Bakugan Brawl!"
"And I, Gus Grav, challenge you, Mira Clay, to a battle!" Gus shouted putting his gauntlet on.
"Lastly, I, Ginga, challenge you, Shun Kazami, to a battle!" Ginga stated dully, and placed her gauntlet on as well.
"Bring it," Dan growled, putting his gauntlet on and glaring malevolently at Spectra.
"I'm not letting you take Wilda," Mira hissed, and she, too, put her gauntet on and prepared for battle.
I didn't say a word. I just put on my gauntlet in a silent gesture of accepting Ginga's battle, because now I knew something.
Ginga wasn't a part of the Vexos willingly. She hated doing this, yet she was doing this for a reason, but she won't admit that. I'm going to see if I can get her to quit and come back. Because I wasn't going to rest until I got Ginga back on our side.
"Gauntlet Power Strike!" all six of us yelled, and they all flashed different colors.

~^*^~{Fast Forward To After The Brawl}~^*^~
~^*^~{No One's P.O.V}~^*^~

The brawl took a good hour. It was a very close match.
Shun was close to losing to Ginga - she had gotten so much better since the last time they's met. But, the longer the battle went on, Shun could see Ginga visably breaking beneath her composed face. Shun could see the pain surfacing in her face as they battled. Because, he could tell, though she tried her very best to hide it, that she hated doing this. She hated battling him, planning to take his Ingram if he could. Her bakugan, Haos Percival, was an echo to her pain, as he was very hesitant to fight Ingram.
Finally, Ginga got to a breaking point where she couldn't even batte anymore, fell on her knees and gripped her head in pain. Spectra and Gus became furious at her for that - because, Ingarm, Drago, and Wilda all teamed up and used that distraction to finish the battle.

~^*^~{Ginga's P.O.V}~^*^~
I was still on my knees gripping my head in agony as I thought about all of this.
I couldn't do this. I couldn't face my friends in battle and take their bakugan if I could, just so I could figure out why Keith joined the Vexos. I loved Keith like he was my own brother, but I couldn't stand to face against the one I love for him, if he was so determined to stay evil.
I thought I was ready for this. I was wrong.
"What're you doing?!" Spectra growled.
"Get up off the floor and lets go!" Gus yelled, just as angry as Spectra.
I bearly heard them over the conflit going on in my head.
I didn't want to do this anymore. I didn't want to fight against my friends with Spectra and Gus and all the rest of them. I wanted to fight for bakugan freedom, alongside my friends, and be with Shun. But how could that be possible again after I betrayed them? They'll never forgive me for this...
"Ginga?" I could hear someone ask softly.
I looked up and saw Shun looking at me. I was surprised, because his look was not the hateful, disgusted glare I deserved to see. It was a look of concern mingled with compassion and pain.
"Listen to me," Shun commanded, still gentle. "I know you don't want to be here, working for the Vexos. I may not know why you joined them, but I know you didn't want to. Come back to the Resistance."
I stared at him with wide eyes. Did he really mean that? Did he already forgive me for this? Even after I tried to take Ingram away from him, could he really be so ready to forgive me?
I nodded once without thinking about it. I wanted to come back. I didn't want to be seperated from Shun anymore.
"You're not going anywhere, Ginga!" Spectra growled angrily, and started advancing in towards me. I didn't look at him, but I was smart enough to guess that he was proabably going to drag me into the ship himself since I wasn't getting up. Normally, I'd've fought back, and he'd've been the one running away, since I'm a beast when I'm pissed. But my mind was too bewildered with the thought that Shun had already forgiven me for what I'd done.
"Leave Ginga alone!" Shun roared angrily, and suddenly he jumped in one of those disorientingly quick ninja-moved of his, putting himself between me and the two angry Vexos members.
"Get out of here!" Shun demanded, his voice furious.
"Yeah, leave!" Dan shouted, and he stood beside Shun, and all the others came up, guarding me from Spectra and gus.
Guys... I thought, staring at them wide-eyed, too stunned to speak. Could they really have all forgiven me already?
I saw Spectra growl furiously for one second as he hesitated. Then, he hissed, and took a step back.
"Lets go, Gus," he hissed. "We don't need to spend any more time with the pathetic Bakugan Battle Brawlers Resistance." Then, Spectra looked at me alone and said, "You'll regret this later."
And then he and Gus both climbed in to their ship and were off. Everyone turned to me, and, to my surprise again, they were grinning warmly at me.
"Welcome back, Ginga," Shun said, smiling the brightest.
I couldn't help smiling back.

~^*^~{A Few Hours Later}~^*^~
~^*^~{Ginga's P.O.V}~^*^~

After I explained things to the Brawlers about why I betrayed them, they all welcomed me back with open arms. If I wasn't mistaken, I thought Shun was the happiest that I came back, but maybe that was just my imagination. I couldn't believe my luck. I also told Mira that Spectra was Keith, and she became a little sad, but relieved that he wasn't dead. I let them know everything I found out while working for the Vexos, and they're now ecstatic that they have information they can use against them.
Now, it was pretty late, and I was going back to my old room to get some sleep.
"It feels good to be back," Haos Percival said from my shoulder.
"You have no idea," I muttered, and then yawned.
But, when I turned the corner in the van to get to my room, I was surprised to see Shun waiting there for me.
"Hey, Shun!" I greeted him with a smile.
"Ginga," he said, nodding once and smiling.
"What brings you here?" I wondered why the casual tone of his voice was marred with an edge of nervousness, uncertainty, and embarassment.
He sighed, and the sound was a little shaky. "I was going to tell you something..."
"Well, what is it?" I asked curiously.
He sighed once more, and then closed his eyes. "When I thought you were dead..."
I bit my lip and looked down guiltily. I must've caused them all alot of pain.
I wanted to tell you something... for a long time now. But, when I thought you'd died... I thought I would never get the chance. So, now... I want to tell you, because I might not have this chance ever again."
"What is it, Shun?" I asked, truly curious now. "You can tell me. You can trust me."
"I know I can," Shun said, smiling a bit and opening his eyes. He took one last deep breath before he spoke.
He looked me in my eyes. "I wanted to tell you... that... I'm in love with you, Ginga." There was no hint of doubt in his voice.
I froze, my eyes popped open wide with downright shock.
Did he just say what I think he just said?! I thought, my mind wild with shock.
He looked away when he spoke now, his voice stained with embarassment and his cheeks colored red. "I understand if you don't feel the same way about me, I just needed to get that off my chest-"
I interrupted him my pressing my lips to his.
He seemed startled, but then he relaxed and wound his arms around my waist as I knotted my fingers into his hair. I sighed in contentment and he opened the door of my room and pushed me into it, us still kissing. Somehow, I ended up with my back on the bed, and him on top of me, still making-out. I was vaugely aware that Shun had kicked the door shut with his foot as we entered. I knew where this was going and I didn't want to stop it. I wanted him too much to ask him to stop.

~^*^~{Lemon Begins}~^*^~
He licked my bottom lip, asking for enterance. I kept my mouth shut, teasing him.
He growled in annoyance and passion. I felt one of his hands on my waist travel down and be placed on my butt. He squeezed my butt, but I didn't open my mouth, though I was shocked that he was so bold.
Frustrated, he growled again, and allowed his fingertips to glide slowly across my butt, tickiling me a little. I gasped at that, and he slid his tounge into my mouth.
We battled for dominance, but, of course, he won, and his tounge explored every inch of my mouth. I had to choke back a moan when he rubbed his touge against mine.
I could feel a bulge rising near my inner thight. Playfully, I grinded my hips against it, and he groaned. The sound made me wetter than I already was.
He moved his lips from mine. I was about to complain when they attacked my neck.
Slowly, I moved my hands from his cropped black hair to his shirt, and started tugging at it, trying to get it over his head.
He knew what I wanted and leaned away, helping me remove his shirt. When it was off, I almost started to drool. His bare chest was so broad that it reminded me of the Greek God Adonis. He was even hotter than I always thought he was.
While I marveled at his perfect chest, he smirked at me, and his hands went to the bottom of my shirt. He pulled it over my head, revealing my blue bra that matched my eyes. He stared down at my bra for a long second before he unhooked it from the front. He tossed it behind him and bent his head down low to suck at my already erect nipples.
I couldn't hold back a serious moan of pleasure that time. He sucked on both my breasts and massaged them, biting and squeezing them on occasion.
Finally, when he was done, he attacked my lips again, while his hands reached down for my skirt. He pulled it off, leaving my in my matching bra and underwear set.
I flipped him over then. I wasn't about to be the only one in my underwear.
Shun smirked. "Aren't we a bit impatient?"
I ignorned him, and my lips attacked his throat while his hands massaged my thighs, making me moan into the crook of his neck. My hands went for his pants, and started unbuckling them. I could almost hear his smug smirk spreading across his face as he helped me.
I could see the bulge clearly now that his pants were off, and well... lets just say, he's bigger than I expected.
I didn't hesitate, though, when I lightly stroked his member. He shuddered in pleasure, and, his lips crushing mine again, he flipped me back over. He tore off my underwear and used one hand to tease my wet pussy.
I moaned loudly and arched my back in pleasure. He then stuck one finger in my sensetive clit, and then another. I moaned so loud my throat started to ache. I could feel a bubble building up in my stomach, and, instinctively, I knew I was going to cum soon. Before I could let him know, however, he replaced his fingers with his tounge, and I screamed aloud and pleasure. The pleasure was radiating through my veins, controlling my body and clouding my brain.
"Shunnnn," I moaned when I came into his mouth. He ate it all up greedily.
Then, he looked up at me and said, "You taste really good, Ginga."
I blushed, but then a wave of confidence overtook me, and I flipped him over again. Then, I took his member in my hand and started pumping him up and down. He groaned lightly, but it was loud enough for me to hear. Then, I bent my head down to it, and licked the tip. He shuddered, and I teased him a little more, licking the tip a little more.
"Quit teasing me, Ginga," Shun growled.
I complied, taking his full 8 or 9 inches into my mouth. I began sucking almost immediately, sucking faster each time a moan or groan escaped his lips. I nibbled on occasion, and my hands massaged his balls, adding to the pleasure.
He groaned loudly one more time before he came inside my mouth. His seed didn't taste good, but I swallowed it up before he flipped me over again.
He positioned himself at my enterence, letting the tip of his throbbing member rub against my wet clit.
I moaned at that, and he smirked. I glared at him for teasing me, but I knew I deserved it.
Suddenly, Shun's whole face was serious, but his eyes were glazed with lust. "Ginga. Are you sure you want to do this?"
"Yes," I whispered, my voice filled with lust. If I didn't have him now, it'd be nothing but painful.
He read the absolute certainty in my eyes, and nodded once, before pushing himself into me.
My knuckles turned white as I gripped the bedsheets and I uttered a low cry of pain and he thrusted inside me, busting my virgin barrier. Two tears escaped my eyes and Shun kissed them away.
"Don't worry, the pain will fade soon," Shun assured me. "I'll keep still until then."
I just nodded once.
After a minute or two, the pain did fade. And it was replaced with the sensation of butterflies fluttering in my veins.
"Shun..." I moaned loudly, and he took that as his cue to start moving.
He thrusted inside me, moving fast and hard, sending an electrical jolt of pleasure through me each time he slammed into me. I couldn't hold back any moans, so I didn't even try to. I grinded my hips against his and he began to lightly groan. Soon, we were moaning eachothers names. The bubble was building up in my stomach again after a while, and I knew I was almost at my limit.
"Shun," I warned him in a moan. "I-I... I'm about to..."
"I know," Shun grunted, his voice rough and husky with lust and pleasure. "I'm about to cum, too."
He kept on slamming into me. Less than two minutes later, the bubble in my stomach burst like an explosion, and we screamed out eachothers names.

~^*^~{Lemon End}~^*^~
Shun collapsed on top of me, panting heavily and sweating. He rolled off of me so I could breathe.
I was panting heavily and sweating as well. I could feel my hair was all messed up, and I was completely exhausted. I looked at Shun and grinned at him tiredly. His hair was all screwed up, too, and he was grinning at me, too.
"I love you, Ginga," Shun said, moving closer to wrap me into a warm embrace.
"I love you, too, Shun," I murmured, snuggling into him. I could feel him pull the blankets over us as I placed my head on his chest.
"I'm really glad you came back," Shun murmured, and kissed my hair.
"I'm glad I did, too," I whispered. "After all, this is where I belong." I kissed his throat once more before we fell asleep in eachothers arms.